That little work goes a long way...

Philosophy on Homework 

Homework is a component of school, but not something you or your child should stress over. It should be seen as an opportunity to review what is happening in school, and discuss what you child is learning. Sometimes your child might not know how to do the homework completely.  That is okay! We are still learning these concepts and many times the homework is just his or her second time seeing the topic. Instead of struggling through it, just write me a note on the homework where he or she had trouble. That helps me to plan my lessons to better meet your child's needs, rather than seeing complete homework. 

Life comes up! If your student cannot complete homework because he/she does not understand an assignment, there is a family emergency, or wifi problem, parents should email, message me on ClassDojo, or send a note outlining the issue. 

When is homework assigned? 

Homework is assigned on Mondays and is due on Fridays for both Math and Writing.  At times I will leave suggestions for work that can be done over the weekend or on long breaks, but nothing is required. 

All work is checked on Fridays. If a student’s homework shows the need for additional time to understand an assignment, the student will work one on one with myself or the instructional aide. If a student is consistently not completing homework, an email will be sent home advising the parents.


The weekly math assignment will include either a Math handouts that correspond to the previous weeks lesson or an online assignment on Khan Academy. Students also need to complete 3 green lights in Reflex Math

On any single Math handout, students should not be spending more than 20 minutes on their work. If your child is struggling or has not finished in that amount of time, please note where they stopped or the questions they struggled on. Again, this helps me to plan better lessons that meet your child's needs. 

Khan academy assigns could include a problem set of questions and/or a series of videos that correspond to the problem set. If students are having trouble completing the problem set, Khan Academy customizes hints and links to videos that can reteach the strategy so you child can more thoroughly learn the material. On Fridays, I will use the data from Khan Academy to practice problems the class had trouble with and pull small groups based on needs. Here is the link for Khan Academy. Students use their Google emails to login. 

If you child is absent from school, he or she should complete the Zearn Lesson for that day to stay on track with our Math curriculum. Here is the link for Zearn 

Why do we do Reflex Math every week? Fact Fluency is one of the foundations for mathematical thinking. People that are fluent in math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) are able to complete more complex math problems because they have no expended energy determining basic facts. By the end of 3rd grade your child should have been fluent in all 4 math fact areas, most are not. Fourth grade is the perfect opportunity to change that and grow in Math Fact Fluency. 


The weekly writing homework will vary between Free Write prompts, writing collections, and other projects. 

The writing homework will be posted on Google Classroom and preferably completed on the site. However, assignments can be completed on paper and turned in if there are access issues to the internet. 

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