That little work goes a long way...

Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday. I always leave suggestions for weekend work, but there's nothing required.
Reading is segmented as daily practice while targeting a weekly goal (i.e. 80- 100 minutes of READING for the week). Math homework is assigned everyday, either digitally or as a hand-out.  

All work is checked daily. If a student’s homework shows the need for additional time to understand an assignment, the student will work one on one with myself or the instructional aide. Students homework completion will be monitored on ClassDojo.
If your student cannot complete homework because he/she does not understand an assignment, there is a family emergency, or wifi problem, parents should email, message me on ClassDojo, or send a note outlining the issue.


The COJOWA Homework policy requires 80- 100 minutes of weekly reading in fourth grade. Students can choose what books to enjoy at home. We encourage students to choose books that interest them and are at a "just right" reading level. 

Students will write about what they read during the week on their Friday Reading Reflection. While students are required to read at home, they will complete this reflection in school on Fridays and submit it via Google Classroom. 


The daily math assignment will always include either a Math handout or an online Zearn assignment

On any Math handout, students should not be spending more than 20 minutes on their work. If your child is struggling or has not finished in that amount of time, please note where they stopped or the questions they struggled on. 

If you child is absent from school, completing the Zearn Lesson for that day online is a great way to keep them on track with our Math curriculum. Here is the link for Zearn 

Other Homework 


Throughout the year students will be given projects or assignments that might need extra time to complete. Therefore, there might be times when something other than the normal Math and reading homework goes home. I will let you know through ClassDojo and Google Classroom if that is the case. During these special occasions, the regular homework will be minimized. 


Students will be made known of any test a week in advance through both the announcement board in the classroom and Google Classroom. On those days right before a test, student homework will include studying. 

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